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Child Nutrition 2019

About Child Nutrition 2019

Child Nutrition 2019 Scientific Committee Members welcomes you to the official website of 2nd World Congress on Pediatric Nutrition & Child Health.

Our World congress will be holding the gatherings of the experts in the field of Pediatrics, Pediatric Nutrition & Child health held during 13th - 14th of May at Paris, France.


We are also providing the CPD Credits to all the attendees at our esteem Pediatrics, Pediatric Nutrition & Child health conference

Pediatric Nutrition & Child health is an affinity between intake and nutrient requirements resulting in cumulative abundance in energy, protein, or micronutrients that may results in growth and development of the child health mentally and physically. This conference will provide education in a number of areas that affect each of our practices from the perinatal to Pediatric period and also will review measures used to diagnose, assess and identify possible etiologies of nutrition. Through a multidisciplinary approach, attendees will learn key causes, challenges, and improvements in treatment and the impact of malnutrition. Nutrition experts from around the world will highlight some of the most exciting areas in nutrition over the past few years.

This conference is also planned to meet the specific needs of the diverse registrants and stakeholders interested in Child Nutrition & Child development and will include:

  • Audience engagement and conversation with panel experts

  • Small group workshops

  • Opportunities to interact and network

Official Language

The official language of the Conference is English. A simultaneous translation will not be available.

Come and enjoy the biggest global event of our specialty, full of scientific innovations, enriching moments with their peers and also treat this charming and hospitable city!

Warmest regards,

Organizing Committee

Team Child Nutrition 2019


Importance & Scope

Pediatric Nutrition the maintenance of a proper well-balanced diet consisting of the essential nutrients and the adequate caloric intake necessary to promote growth and sustain the physiological requirements at the various stages of a child's development. Nutritional needs vary considerably with age, level of activity, and environmental conditions and they are directly related to the rate of growth. In the prenatal period growth totally depends on adequate maternal nutrition. During infancy the need for calories, especially in the form of protein, is greater than at any postnatal period because of the rapid increase in both height and weight. A special problem is overfeeding in the early childhood years, which may lead to obesity.

We welcome you all to this exceptional event and get an opportunity to explore and learn more about all the above mentioned interesting fields of Nutrition & Health and indulge in the world of innovations, inventions, current trends and so on!!


Why to attend

Presenting a paper:  The conference Presenters will have chance to present their research papers in front of worldwide eminent people from similar fields and may receive positive feedback and constructive criticism about their research. As well, exchange of ideas within the same fields of interest, which will be an extra mile for their future collaborations across the world.

Publication:  Conference proceedings are always best way to publish and indexed your research articles in highly indexed journals (ISSN).

Networking for future collaborations:  All the event attendees will get an opportunity to build network with other present academicians, experts and also to share thoughts on recent advancements. The main aim is to augment research interactions during the conference, which will be a collaborative learning and one can upgrade their knowledge or skills in accomplishing institutional objectives.

Traveling:  The “City of Love”, the streets of Paris over flow with culture, art, beauty, and history. Paris is a city that captures the hearts of millions ever year, standing before the Eiffel Tower in awe, or searching out the best crepes along the Seine. There are in total 1,803 monuments and 173 museums in Paris. There are also 450 parks and gardens in the city, spread out across more than 1,200 acres. There are more than 400 movie screens in Paris, a hundred of which are operated by France's government art program,

Our conference is especially scheduled at Paris, to provide a platform of exploration for the people who are excited and would have the desire to explore new things in academics as well as in own life and to provide each one of them an unique experience in terms of academics and tourism.

Added Research Value: To all the attendees belonging to respective field, our organisation is providing the best platform which will add immense research value to your careers. Our committee members are organising the event in a way, to provide open access to various research activities in respective subject with current trends and issues anticipating from them and also our event is accredited with CPD credits (Continuing Professional Development) useful for your maintenance and enhancements for your knowledge.

The focus and energy of Like-Minded Individuals:  In our event you can find many young researchers and graduates with same stature, goals and mind-set, this will be the motivational factor as one aspires to overcome fears and achieve one’s dreams.


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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date May 13-14, 2019
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